Do I have to pay an annual usage fee?

After an initial purchase of the component, Elite Print dosn’t cost you anything. You have nothing to pay thereafter, except the additional features you may choose. No license or annual fee.

Usage license allows the installation of the module on 3 URLs that you own (not valid for module resale or rental).


Where is hosted the Web-to-Print Solution?

Elite Print is a component that you purchase and host with your web site. You are free!

2 solutions:

  • Dedicated server allowing the installation of NodeJS
  • Shared server


What type of file do I get for printing?

The administration allows you to retrieve a PDF file in desired resolution.


Can I create document templates?

Yes, you have an administration to create and enrich document templates (business cards, greeting cards, flyers, posters, 2-fold, 3-fold, T-Shirt, panels, banners, wallpaper…).
The user can therefore start their creation on an existing base.

You can also import your templates directly into .svg (option).


How can I easily integrate the Web-to-Print editor to my e-commerce site?

Your web designer or your developer will be able to integrate it. The editor was designed as a web service. To initialize, it requires parameters from the product master. When the user validates customization in the editor, it returns a certain amount of information to the e-commerce site, allowing you to complete the transaction.

Our technical support is available to answer your questions and to support you during the integration.

The PLUGIN, an option that simplifies your life?