Web to Print Solution for Integrators

Elite Print is a Web to Print component, meaning it is an online Plug & Play customization editor, easily connectible to e-commerce sites. This solution is compatible with the most common solutions like Magento (with a dedicated plugin), Prestashop or WordPress.

The module comes with detailed integration documentation enabling you to know what information to link on input and output. As part of our offer, you benefit from reactive technical support with developers throughout the integration.

Web services Technical Features

  • PHP5 and Nodejs
  • No database required (only file system)
  • Configuration file to specify the physical paths
  • Possibility to edit the code for passage to database

Integrator Feautures

  • Editing all interface styles through editing a CSS file
  • Possibility to move / modify graphical elements (buttons, text  information) by modifying the HTML file
  • Module configuration for direct template display
  • Configuration of fonts available for this editor
  • Configuration for export PDF (resolution, margins), generation and recovery if dedicated server or using a desktop app for a shared server
  • Possibility to retrieve a BAT (image of the user’s screen at the time of the order) in low resolution for control

 Integration Help

  • Good news!?
  • If you have a Magento site, we can provide you with free matching plugin

A small demo ?

Download the list of features and available options